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How to Get Started on Twitter in 5 Easy Steps

November 19, 2011

Whether you’re looking for new customers or a new job, Twitter is a great way to spread the word. Your customers and potential employers are already on Twitter. So, it’s important to get yourself out there too. Twitter is actually a simple (and somewhat addictive) social network. And you can get going in just five easy steps.

  • Step 1: Create an account. Go to Twitter. Then, fill in the Full name, Email, and Password fields on the home page and click “Sign up.” Congratulations … you’re officially on Twitter!
  • Step 2:  Complete your bio. Type a description about yourself or your company (see mine for an example). Then, upload a photo to give other users a glimpse of who you are.
  • Step 3: Find your peeps. Find folks in your network on Twitter. There are a few ways to do this. You can import your email contacts. Or, search for folks by name.
  • Step 4:  Send your first tweet. On Twitter, you’ll communicate in 140-character messages called “tweets.” Some find it challenging to convey a message in so little text. But, for a word nerd like me it’s highly enjoyable!
  • Step 5: Connect with new people. While Facebook is for old friends, Twitter is all about meeting new people. Use the search feature to find the topics you’re interested in. Then, check out some of the profiles that come up. If you find some interesting folks, click the Follow button. You’ll receive their updates (and they may follow you back).
Some users don’t seem to get Twitter. They treat it like a megaphone to shout messages at the  world. Remember, it’s called “social” media because it’s all about connecting with others. I attracted more than 30,000 followers for my employer (and more than 15,000 personal followers) by “sharing, caring, and being positive.” This means I share interesting information. I care about other people by talking to and re-tweeting them. And I’m positive by posting good news, quotations, and similar content.


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